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Brazilian native, Michellee Fox is a slow food chef and small minority farmer advocate. And on top of this, she's joined an amazing initiative for a food and lifestyle television network, known as FoodBay TV, as the North South America Business Development Manager.

Through our conversation I've realised that she really is leading the charge for the food revolution that we are seeing - and as she puts it "until all of us, including chefs, farmers, the F&B industry and government decide to take seasonality, regenerative and slow food practices seriously, we are all contributing to the decay of our civilisation".

Today we’re talking to Michellee Fox, a Brazilian native, slow food chef, small minority farmer advocate and Business Development Manager for FoodBay TV. She is part of a growing movement called the slow food movement, which focuses on using locally-sourced foods and traditional cooking styles, as opposed to the fast food we are all used to today.

We are speaking about regenerative farming, seasonal nutrition and the importance of good food. 

Michellee Fox is a brilliant entrepreneur, manager, and farming advocate. She is a gorgeous Brazilian who runs her business, podcast, and has initiated a farming venture that promotes minority farmers and encourages sustainable meals. 

Farming is consistent dedication, thus there is no advice but to keep at it, and know your rights as a farmer in the state you live in. Chefs are different as cuisine is something that is very close to a person. I love traditional Brazilian dishes and someone else might love Indian. The goal is to explore, express, and practice cooking.

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